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everything happens for a reason

26 May
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Almost no one calls me by my full first name, and while most people just call me "Cait", some people have interesting nicknames for me. I absolutely love being outside, and I never wear shoes in the summer. My mood usually depends on the weather, although sometimes they can be unpredictable and unprovoked. I paint my fingernails just to peel the paint off the next day, and I hate being alone in a dark place. I love talking to people, but more importantly I love hearing what they have to say. I don't think like most women, and sometimes it gets me in trouble. I never understood the purpose of asking a question I didn't really want the answer to, or being someone or something else to get who or what I wanted. I'm independent, (usually) carefree, and I just really want to live my life the way I want to. I'm a senior at GVSU, but I don't know how I feel about that. My boyfriend is very close to being my world. I'm very honest, you only have to ask the right questions to get the answer you want to hear.